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Elaine Phillips, MCDR & MCRP


I founded Clarity Resolutions in 2011 to facilitate, mediate and create opportunities for community members to find sustainable solutions for complex social problems.

  • Nonprofit management challenges,
  • Economic and community development,
  • Strategic planning and
  • Community engagement 

are all important issues are best dealt with collaboratively.  Creating a process for collaboration is where I can help.


I have always known that when all members in a group are valued, supported and interdependent, that community will find the best way to thrive. I understand that fellowship and a sense of belonging are key to a happy and meaningful life. Because of this, I have followed a career trajectory of facilitating such experiences whether I've been is in the role of educator, counselor, mediator, facilitator, manager, developer, planner, fundraiser, writer, neighbor or friend.


After my children grew up, I returned to school and completed dual Master’s Degrees in Conflict and Dispute Resolution and Community and Regional Planning. During this time, I worked in Northern Ireland for a summer, worked on a project balancing property development rights with eco-system preservation and produced research on collaborative industry building for the electric vehicle cluster.  I'm am certified to evaluate nonprofits, I've taught college classes and adult training seminars, and worked on supporting Native American language restoration, statewide policy development and solving domestic violence.  My experience in resolving complext issues is deep and wide.




If I can help you, your agency or your community clarify your direction, vision and solutions, don't hesitate to contact me.  I would love to help.


Contact Information:


Mobile: 541-579-4897




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